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Derma roller or collagen induction therapy is performed with the help of special dermatological instruments having fine needles known as dermarollers. Dermaroller is ideal for atrophic scars that have a dent like appearance and look ugly when overhead lighting falls on them. Collagen rejuvenation is what dermaroller therapy aims at in order to produce healthy, firm skin. The small microscopic needles on the head of the dermaroller create holes on the surface of the skin thereby enabling higher collagen production and elastin to generate a new layer of skin cells.

How is it helpful in acne, wrinkle, scarring disorders?

The idea is to trick the skin into a wound healing process by making thousands of small punctures on the surface of the skin through the microscopic needles of the dermaroller. Wrinkles, depressed scars, deep lines are all diminished through this process. The best part about the dermaroller or collagen inducement therapy is that it allows for maximum absorption of anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle creams leading to new collagen production and reduced wrinkles after one session. If you are looking for nothing short of a facelift, then dermaroller treatment is your best bet forward. And it should be availed from the best dermatologist in Delhi who have ample years of experience in treating patients with different kind of complications. Dermaroller treatment is just perfect for people with acne scars and rough uneven skin.

Dermaroller procedure: Explained!

Here’s a brief overview as to how a skilled dermatologist in Delhi would go about treating a patient with dermaroller. Care is taken to lift the dermaroller each time the direction of application is changed, else it may cause scratching or the pimples may bleed. Quite often, patients who have scarred their skin by picking the pimples (something that is strictly forbidden) due to internal and external triggers that cause itching find dermaroller treatment a real boon. Before start of the procedure, dermaroller heads with needles that are 0.5-1.55 millimetre in length are dipped in a solution to prepare them for the application.

Step 1: An anaesthetic cream is applied for 45 minutes to prepare the patient for the dermarolling session that lasts for 15-25 minutes depending on the extent and severity of the acne.

Step 2: Dermaroller are taken out of the solution they have been dipped into and applied or to be precise rolled into the areas of scarring. Each time, the direction is changed; it is done by lifting the head of the dermaroller. To treat the bumpy areas around the nose, mouth and jaws, your dermatologist might use a dermaroller with a different head ; a barrel shaped one that has a wheel like base with microscopic needles so that it can be rolled into any of the delicate, hard to reach areas of the face. Some patients do experience a mild tingling sensation when the procedure is being carried but almost all of them admit that, if it is done in the right manner, there is absolutely no chance of pain. No wonder it is so popular in the developed world and now getting increasingly popular amongst dermatologists in Delhi.

Step 3: There may be slight rednesss with mild swelling for two to forty eight hours after the procedure but you will see healthy skin after that. A Post procedure balm having anti-inflammatory agents, ingredients that boost cell growth is applied along with screen.

Step 4: Care should be taken to avoid heat, dust, sunlight for 3-4 days after the procedure in order to observe best results. It takes about six sessions of dermaroller to deliver upto 60% improvement in acne treatment in the first month. Best for tired looking skin that has lost its suppleness and is becoming slack or the one that has been damaged by accidents, acne and dermaroller in a way “fills up” the skin with new collagen. It is not recommended for hyper-pigmentation cases where other methods like chemical peeling may be adequate.

From the above description, it is quite clear that dermaroller treatment enables skin to repair itself and improve its appearance. You will realize this, once you start getting compliments from your peers. Check it out for yourself today!

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