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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can look ugly as those tiny eruptions on the skin can be deeply embarrassing, if they are in the wrong place either on the face, hands, or neck. You would not like to respond to comments from peers asking you to do something about it when you know that quick results are hard to come by. And most often an intervention from the best dermatologist in Delhi will be required to bring the skin back to normal. Being small, flesh or brown coloured growths which protrude from the surface of the skin either singly or in clusters, skin tags should be eliminated as soon as possible. Usually a result of over-growth of a tissue, these skin tags should be removed as early as possible lest they become cancerous.

Causes and Symptoms:

Skin tags are usually found where the skin repeatedly rubs against itself like the armpits, groin, eyelids, neck under the folds of buttocks. At first they might appear like warts but a closer look will reveal that they are skin tags that are only a few millimetres long. In some cases, they might become as big as 5 centimetres and surgical intervention becomes necessary. These skin tags are small, skin coloured growths that will hang off from the surface of the skin and are quite harmless. Mostly people with type 2 diabetes who are either old or obese suffer from skin tag eruptions. These skin tags have tissues made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Collagen is a type of protein that is important in skin rejuvenation and even pregnant women can develop skin tags owing to changes in their hormonal balance. Overweight people suffering from morbid obesity are at a high risk as they have excess folds of skin that is prone to skin chafing.

Treatment Of Skin Tags:

Both surgical and non-surgical methods exist depending on the severity of the condition. When skin tags are removed, a white scar is left which heals in a few days. The patient can be out of the clinic in a few hours after the effect of the anaesthetic wears off. Surgical removal is not known to cause any complications and the size and location of the skin tag often determines the type of removal method used. A poor job done by an inexperienced dermatosurgeon can leave damaged skin behind. Over the counter creams and treatments form the best line of defence and the second line of attack to remove skin tags consists of the following methods:-


In this procedure, the end of the skin tag is tied off in order to cut off the blood supply causing it to fall off.


Herein, the protruding skin tag is removed by freezing with liquid nitrogen.

Laser surgery:

Either a flat beam or pixelated beam transfer’s heat to the protruding tissue in order to make it dead so that it falls off.

All the above procedures are done under the effect of a local anaesthetic and the procedure is painless. There might be some discomfort in the laser therapy but it lasts for only 5 minutes and is therefore very popular amongst the patient community and the best dermatologists in Delhi.

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