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Non Surgical Face Lift

Ageing is a natural process that slowly occurs after the age of 45-50 in men and women and gains momentum after the age of 60-80. Both men and women need to learn the art of ageing gracefully as sagging skin including sagging breasts, bags under the eyes, wrinkles on the face and hands, darker skin due to pigmentation is something they need to be prepared for. Regular exercise, yoga, walks; medical check-ups at regular intervals need to be part of your life in order to lead a healthy, long disease free life. Remember the golden rule: you are as old as you think.

Causes and Symptoms:

The condition of your skin directly reflects the health of your body as most diseases occur due to deficiency of vital nutrients and are aggravated by stress. Ageing is triggered early in men and women who lead very stressful life’s beginning with dark circles, greying of hair and in some cases due to genetic or heredity factors. Ageing is characterized by textural, volume, and pigmentary changes in the skin. Loss of collagen leading to dryness, thinning of skin, creases on faces and enlargement of pores. The first line of treatment usually is fillers that increase the amount of collagen in your body. prolonged illness can lead to skin hanging in folds as it has lost its firmness.

Treatment Options:

If you seeking treatment from any of the best dermatologists in Delhi, then you will be given either an invasive or non-invasive procedure based on the body condition and to some extent the budget and preferences of the patient.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment:

Very popular treatment that requires injectable fillers to be inserted in the fine lines going from the nose to the jaw. This can add volume to lips and greatly improve facial appearance.

Chemical peels:

Very economical and quite often the first line of treatment to treat darker skin. Chemical peels are applied over a large area and allowed to dry. After sufficient exfoliation has taken place, they are removed after 4-5 days. Cantharidin is a popular chemical peel used in dermatology to treat skin diseases but not in anti-ageing treatments.


A patented fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation system that transfers heat from the laser gun to the skin in small areas through pixelated beams in order to boost collagen production and renew the skin.

Injectable fillers:

Gel-like compounds are injected by dermatologists to boost collagen production adds volume, remove deep creases and fortify the skin to improve the contours of the face. Maximum number of dermatologists rely on injectable fillers to achieve the best clinical outcomes. Demand from the patient community for this treatment pedagogy is high.


Strong pulses of ultra-violet light are thrown at the damaged area in order to treat acne, stretch marks and other kinds of scarring.

Platelet rich plasma treatment:

Platelets are injected in order to improve the formation of collagen helping in achieving a better skin texture.


Radio-frequency waves are deployed and are reflected on the damaged area of the skin to get the right results.

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