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Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractionated CO2 laser technique has the approval of the FDA and other regulatory bodies as it tricks the skin into rejuvenating itself. In simple terms, this resurfacing laser technique discards various layers of the skin in a fractionated manner. The skin surrounding the affected area is left untouched to promote faster recovery. Dermatologists in Delhi opt for fractional CO2 laser treatment when they encounter patients with deeper wrinkles than normally observed, severe damage in terms of texture to the skin owing to sun burns, acne, scars resulting from surgery or trauma.

Both superficial and deep scars are treated successful as the wavelength of the impulses emitted by the light of theco2 laser gun is easily absorbed by the water present on the surface of the skin. The pixelated or fractionated laser beam penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and chuck out the old skin replacing it with new skin.

Laser beams are fractioned into columns or sometimes scattered using a laser gun that treats the affected area by laser beams of various sizes. Getting that smooth, fresh, younger looking skin is much more achievable through fractional co2 laser treatment that can improve the appearance of surgical scars. It has the potential to improve tone and structure by treating smaller pores on the skin surface, removing unwanted brown spots and age-related wrinkles.

Introduction about the Procedure

  • Fractional CO2 laser one needs 2 to 6 sittings depending on severity of scars , spaced 3-4 weeks apart for almost permanent results. In this time period, you need to undergo 3 to 5 sessions as mandated by your dermatologist. Before the start of the treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied on the affected area that makes it look shiny and reduces the discomfort, if any, experienced, during the procedure.
  • Based on your skin condition, the laser machine is adjusted in order to throw a precise volume of light in a uniform pattern. Every patient receives a different pattern and intensity of light, depending on the skin type and the nature of the lesion.
  • The treatment only lasts around five minutes for the face and you might feel a ticklish needle like sensation which is controlled through ice gels placed, before and after the treatment.
  • By fractionating the laser beams into pixelates, the affected area can be easily treated by tackling only one small area at a time. This laser gun helps to reach hard to reach areas below the ear, sides of the nose, above the jaw and below it, through this gun that beams laser rays upto 0.5mm to 1.5 mm deep into the skin. It has a hose that the dermatologist holds in another hand that blows cold air on the skin once it has been treated with laser.
  • The skin feels dry and tight as what lasers do is that it sucks out water from the skin. This device has an audible speedometer that tells the dermatologist in Delhi treating you to reduce the speed as the faster the laser gun moves, the lower is the amount of energy reaching the affected area.

Once the procedure is over, your skin may see white patches which fade away in a day leaving behind a pinkish colour that makes your skin look sunburnt. Five days after the treatment; scabbing or peeling begins and it might look ugly but the real magic happens after that as the texture of the skin is altered, a week after this procedure.

Post procedure precautions:

You need to keep the skin moisturized and apply ice in case or itching, dryness, redness or swelling. Peeling, scabby skin, flaking and a bronzed appearance is normal and a precursor for normal healthy skin to follow.

Long Term Advantages

  • Being a safe, non-invasive form of treatment, it can make you look younger by a few years within just one month of treatment, if performed by an expert dermatologist in Delhi. Softening or wrinkles, lines around the eyes and other age-related skin issues can be tackled effectively through this fractionated laser treatment.
  • Since a large number of microscopic laser beams penetrate the skin during the procedure, it helps eliminate old, damaged skin cells by boosting collagen production within the skin. Within 3-6 months, deeper layers of the skin begin to produce collagen, resulting in a more long lasting cure.
  • It can be used on neck, chest and hands as this laser treatment helps restore your skin’s natural healing capacity by improving collagen production. Usually a differential diagnosis approach is followed and each patient is offered a specific treatment plan based on his or her present skin condition.

Types of Complications Cured By Fractional CO2 Laser

Whether you have surgical, accidental or non-accidental acne scars, stretch marks, burn injuries, wrinkles, age-spots, discolouration or experienced skin darkening during pregnancy, brown patches known as melisma; fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing can give a new lease of life to your skin. The rejuvenating effects of this treatment, if availed by a leading dermatologist in Delhi will restore your skin structure, destroy precancerous lesions, and eliminate fine lines around the eyes and uneven pigmentation; making you look younger, happier and healthier.

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