Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi: A Celebrity Hair Transplant Comprehensive Guide

Are you expecting hair thinning or balding? It is best to get in touch with the best skin and laser clinic to understand your hair condition. Hair loss is a common condition nowadays, and everyone faces it at some point. It is not a serious problem as long as the body replaces lost hair with new hair, but if it fails, a person turns bald, which is when many consider going for a hair transplant procedure. If you are experiencing hair thinning or balding, consider going for a hair transplant; you would want to know how much a hair transplant costs in India. Also, do you know the factors that affect the average hair transplant cost in India?

Hair transplant cost in India – factors that decide the cost 

The hair transplant cost is generally calculated per follicle wise . The average cost at reputed centres in india varies from 40-100 rs per hair follicular unit. Many factors decide the overall hair transplant cost in Delhi, including the degree of baldness and the surgeon’s expertise in the technique used. Some factors are :

  • Baldness level and number of grafts 

The cost of a hair transplant depends upon the degree of baldness; the higher the baldness, the higher the number of grafts. The balder the person, the more expensive the transplant will be. 5000 grafts would require a higher cost, and the cost of 2000 grafts cost is significantly lower.

  • Number of sessions 

Hair transplants usually finish in a single session that continues for about six to eight hours. In cases where people requiring 5000 or more grafts have to come the next day, the number of drafts in a single session may be about 3000 -4000 only. In such a situation, the hair transplant cost in India would be higher than the one that completes the session in one go.

  • Technique used 

Generally, there are two hair transplant techniques used by experts. FUE is a modern technology for individual extraction of grafts, and FUT is another technique that helps achieve the expected number of grafts in a shorter period of time. In comparison, FUE ( latest) is the most expensive as it requires more expertise and is very comfortable for the patient as well .

Graft donor availability

In cases where a person does not have enough healthy follicles on the back of the scalp, the next area to retrieve is the beard then chest.

  • City matters

The city for hair transplant also matters as hair transplant cost in Delhi at the best clinic is more affordable than in any other city.

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