Hair Transplant Cost in India

Have you been considering a hair transplant in India but are worried that its price might be too high? Let us discuss the details of having the best hair transplant in Delhi so that you can make an informed decision to have a long lasting hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair is nowadays the main concern for many as they seek ways to restore it for a long time. Fortunately, there is a solution for it – Hair transplant. It is a surgical procedure that helps to restore lost or thinning hair on the scalp. It is mainly done in case of male pattern baldness but can also be used for other types of hair loss. Many patients report getting noticeable results within six months after their first session and can see further improvements with time when hair grows at the transplanted sites.

Hair transplant surgery – different ways used for hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is based on the principle of donor dominance, and when the hair is transplanted in a bald area, it continues to grow naturally and can be trimmed, washed and styled. Hair transplant methods :

Follicular unit extraction

It is the most advanced method for hair transplant in Delhi. Also known as FUE, it involves extracting the hair follicles from the back of the head one by one using micro punches. There is no need for stitches because the donor is healed in a few days without any visible scar. In this procedure, the post-operative pain is also minimal, and many people resume daily activities in a maximum of two days.

Advanced FUE

Also known as Biostimulated FUE, it is the method of hair transplant that comprises FUE along with platelet plasma therapy. It is done to enhance residual and transplanted hairs by the presence of a high concentration of growth factors. These are

extracted from the patient’s own blood and injected directly near the hair roots. The method poses no risk of allergy because it is derived from the patient’s own body. This method leads to good sustenance of transplanted hairs; thus, hair starts growing directly after transplantation.

Body Hair transplant

Also known as BHT, it is a method in which hairs are taken from the beard, chest, back and limbs, using FUE, and transplanted to the scalp. The method is best for those with limited donor scalp hair.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

If you are considering the best hair transplant in Delhi, you should know all details about the hair transplant price and the factors on which the cost depends. The cost of a hair transplant varies in India and depends upon many factors like the type of surgery being done, the experience of the doctors performing it, severity of hair loss, number of grafts to be placed etc. A hair transplant is the right choice for those who wish to solve their baldness issues. Yet people are worried about the cost of the process. The cost of hair transplant varies and depends upon many factors, including :

#1. Baldness Grade

It is a major factor that directly affects the hair transplant price in India. If the grade of your hair loss is high, it will require more grafts, increasing the cost. Firstly, your expert surgeon will check your baldness grade and discuss all the details with you so you can quickly determine the hair transplant price.

#2. Number of grafts

The second vital factor on which the price of the best hair transplant depends is the number of grafts needed. The hair transplant surgeon in Delhi will state the number of grafts required when you have the first consultation to check your scalp’s condition. The more bald area you have, the more grafts will be needed. The graft quality will influence your hair transplant cost.

#3. Availability of donor grafts

To perform a hair transplant, hair follicles are removed from the back of your scalp, and if not available, the hair can be removed from other body parts like the chest, beard etc.

#4. Hair transplant technique

The cost of a hair transplant also varies because of the technique used. Generally, there are two techniques used: FUE or FUT. The difference is how the donor’s hair is removed from the scalp. Desomoderm, one of Delhi’s best hair transplant clinics, uses the FUE technique for hair transplants.

#5. Surgeon’s expertise

The surgeon’s expertise also creates a difference in the price of hair transplant. The procedure requires much expertise and skill to pull off, and thus there is a need for qualified and experienced surgeons. However, the more experienced surgeons charge more fees than others but they promise to give the best outcomes, which is vital in determining your hair transplant price in India.

Why consult the best surgeon at Desmoderm?

It is always better to consult an experienced surgeon having a team of trained staff. You should consult highly trained, experienced hair transplant experts as the success of hair transplant in Delhi depends on the expertise of the surgeon and aftercare. At Desmoderm, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, you will get the best hair transplantation cost in Delhi with higher success rates and required aftercare. Dr Ranjan Upadhyay has served in this field for years and has developed a great reputation and goodwill with his skillful treatments with higher success rates. It is counted among the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi that provide the topmost highly trained surgeons with hands-on experience with hair transplants and ensures 100% patient satisfaction.


The best hair transplant method gives the best hair transplant result at an affordable budget. At Desmoderm, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, experienced surgeons perform hair transplants and guarantee great results; it is the safer, stitchless and pinless process for those wishing fuller hair on their scalp. Here the hair transplant price is highly affordable than in other Delhi clinics. The total cost, however, depends on many factors listed above to obtain the desired results.

Choosing the best hair transplant clinic is important to ensure getting natural results. Book your appointment with Desmoderm to get your hair transplant done by the best surgeon. However, the clinic also offers many other services like microneedling radiofrequency for skin lift /acne scar reduction etc,laser hair reduction , wrinkle reduction treatments, chemical peels to reduce pigmentation, carbon dioxide laser for acne scars, radiofrequency ablation of skin tags and consultations for many other skin-related issues.