Top 5 Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction in Men and Women

Laser hair reduction is the most efficient technique for removing unwanted body and facial hair. The laser hair reduction procedure uses a beam of light to remove unwanted hair. During the process a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The procedure uses light energy that is converted into heat and which helps to damage the sacs within the hair follicles. This damage that is done within the skin inhibits future hair growth. It is best to consult the best dermatologist in Delhi before treatment to know all about the procedure, its benefits and many other points . The expert dermatologist will discuss a treatment plan and associated costs based on your skin type and colour. It is now one of the popular alternatives to waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, etc., and is more convenient than other options. Let us discuss the benefits of the treatment when done at the best clinic in Delhi.

Benefits of laser hair reduction

Laser hair reduction treatment is the right way and an excellent option for almost everyone, irrespective of gender, skin tone, age, and people with many medical histories. The best time to get laser hair reduction done is when you are not planning to be actively tan, as you will avoid the sun during the full treatment time. There are many benefits of the laser hair reduction technique:

  1. It is a long-term solution, as when the hair follicles have been destroyed, they will never grow again; it is the best technique for those who want to say goodbye to unwanted hair permanently. The process also eliminates ingrown hair and minimises the risk of inflammation, bumps, and itching.
  2. Another benefit of the laser hair reduction technique is that it is a wise investment for those who seek a permanent solution. However, there are some annual touch-ups required, but it is still more economical than frequent waxing/ shaving.
  3. The advancements in laser treatments have made it less painful and more effective now. It reduces the severity and number of side effects. The patients may however experience minimal transient redness on the treated area for 1-4 hours.
  4. Laser hair reduction processes take hardly 15-20 minutes when performed on small body parts like lips, underarms, or bikini. Larger areas also take just a small fraction of your day. Thus the process is quick and does not take much time.
  5. It is said to be the safest treatment and thanks to advanced laser hair removal technology, the people with dark skin tones also enjoy the same level of safety as those having lighter complexions.

What to expect during the laser hair reduction session?

During the laser hair reduction treatment, your dermatologist will provide you with eyewear for protection, and the laser equipment settings will be adjusted as per the patients skin tone hair width etc. During the procedure, a cold gel may be applied to protect your skin areas. In this process, pulses of light will be delivered to the area that has to be treated, and you may feel slight discomfort as if a warm pin is pricked at the skin. The process varies in length and depends upon the area that has been treated, and it will last for a few minutes to an hour. After it is done, you will be given lotions, anti-inflammatory creams, or ice packs to relieve redness .

How long does it take to get the desired results?

After the laser hair reduction treatment, you will see the accumulation of results. Generally, thinning of hair will be the first result, which you can see after one or two sessions. When the follicles have weakened, then it may take some days to weeks for them to shed completely. The treatment results may vary depending on factors like hair thickness and density. Laser hair reduction is often effective at delaying growth for months or years but does not have permanent removal. Most people experience hair reduction for years when the best dermatologist in Delhi does the treatment. Permanent results are possible when the individual’s skin type matches well with treatment settings. 

Why choose Desmoderm Skin and laser clinic for laser hair reduction treatment? 

Desmoderm Skin Laser and aesthetic centre is the best to get laser hair reduction done. The clinic is known for its best treatments and recommends a minimum of six sessions for effective hair reduction . However, many factors can influence the number of sessions to attain desired results. Here the best dermatologist offers safe as well as effective laser hair reduction treatment and offers personalised consultation and the most comfortable environment for patients.