Is laser hair removal permanent, and is it safe?

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure done to get rid of excess and unwanted hair from the body. There are generally two fates to this procedure – the hair follicles are either completely damaged or damaged to an extent where they can recuperate and hair grows at a delayed rate.

The latter happens in 9/10 cases; however, since the delayed hair regrowth takes quite a long time, most people consider this procedure a “permanent” one.

Laser hair removal treatment is most effective in light-skinned people with dark hair. However, it can be done by anyone across the globe.

However, is it a safe procedure? What can you expect after the procedure? These are some questions that we will answer in this article for you.

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1. How Laser Hair Removal Works?

2. Is it Permanent?

3. How Long Does Hair Removal Last?

4. Role of Skin and Hair Colour in Laser Hair Removal

5. Is it Safe?


How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Before assuming laser hair removal as a one-time thing, be sure that a patient needs 6-8 sessions of laser treatment to get rid of the excess and unwanted hair growth.

The interval or frequency of each repeat session depends on the treatment site. If the laser removal is being done on a body part where the hair grows comparatively faster, like the upper lips, the patient will have to come back every 6-8 weeks. In areas with slower hair growth, the interval can be between 6-12 weeks.

An ideal candidate for the hair removal would be:

  • People with light skin and darker hair
  • People who don’t have severe skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • People who don’t struggle with underlying chronic conditions/ photosensitive disorders
  • People who haven’t have surgeries in the last few weeks or months

Here’s what happens during the procedure:

  • Before the actual procedure, the doctor or the attending staff will prepare you for the treatment. You will be asked to wear eye-protective goggles to shield your eyes from the laser beams. Besides that, sometimes a numbing cream is applied on certain sensitive sites to reduce any pain or discomfort during the administration of the laser beams.
  • Once prepared, the doctor starts with the handheld laser equipment, which often comes with a cool metal tip to reduce irritation and pain during the treatment.
  • The focused laser beam is then administered on the skin where the excess hair needs to be removed. Typically, the energy from the laser beam converts to heat and damages the hair follicles. The heat is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, thereby relaying the damage to the follicle eventually. This inhibits or delays hair growth.
  • The extent or duration of the laser treatment for hair removal varies on the site that’s being treated. Smaller areas like the upper lips take a few minutes. However, larger body portions like the back can take up to an hour or more.

Is it Permanent?

Is hair removal permanent?” is a question that every patient needs the answer, before considering the treatment.

Hair doesn’t grow back from the destroyed and damaged hair follicle. However, if you expect the treated site on the body to not have any hair regrowth, you are mistaken. Some hair will grow back in the treated site eventually in a few weeks or months. This is why touch ups are advised ( post 6-8 regular sittings ) for some patients.

With frequent sessions every few weeks, some individuals have noticed minimal hair regrowth, followed by complete elimination of the hair growth.

Whether or not you will experience hair regrowth in the future after the laser removal depends on the kind of hair you have along with the skills of the doctor doing the treatment.

The permanency of the procedure depends on how the hair follicle reacts to the laser beams. If it is damaged, the hair will regrow slowly at a much delayed rate. However, if the follicle is completely destroyed, you can be assured that hair won’t grow back from those areas anymore.

How Long Does Hair Removal Last?

Whether laser hair removal is permanent or not depends on several factors, as we mentioned before.

The amount of time it takes for the hair regrowth from the treated site is subjective. There is no standard time frame for it. If the person undergoing the treatment has faster hair growth, it will grow back in a few weeks. If they have a slower hair growth rate, it will take time.

Also, if the laser beams damage (or destroy) the hair follicles, the growth will be delayed in that case too.

However, in general, one can expect the hair to eventually grow back in a month or two, following which they might have to consider undergoing the next round of treatment.

Role of Skin and Hair Colour in Laser Hair Removal

As already discussed, patients with light skin colour and darker hair colour are the ideal candidates for the procedure.

Ever wondered why that is the case?

The easiest way to answer is the colour contrast. When the patient has lighter skin tone with darker hair, it becomes easier for the laser beam to track the hair and then get absorbed by the melanin to either damage or destroy the follicle for good.

The same on a darker-skinned person would be difficult and can even damage the skin due to the higher ratio of melanin pigment on the skin.

Studies have found that laser beams with longer wavelengths work ideally well for darker skin tone people.

Is it Safe?

Is laser hair removal safe?

”Yes, it is safer than most patients think.

If you are worried that laser treatment will leave permanent scarring on your skin or inflict a lot of pain, you are in the dark.

The constantly refined treatment options have reduced the side effects and risks to a minimum. While some common side effects like burning and stinging during the treatment are common, these are temporary side effects.

Some of the other minor side effects that your doctor will discuss with you before the treatment are:

  • Redness and inflammation around the treated area
  • Changes in skin colour (especially in dark skin people)
  • Mild blistering or crusting around the treated area

Besides all these, skin infections are rare but a possible consequence of the treatment. However, undergoing laser hair removal in Delhi under the guidance of an experienced doctor will reduce such risks.

Many patients check the laser hair removal cost in Delhi and choose the doctor that charges the least. You can’t necessarily expect rewarding results from such choices. Instead of the cost, check the doctor’s qualifications, experience and patient testimonials.


If done the right way, laser hair removal can help a patient get rid of the unwanted hair from their body. If you want your body to have a smoother texture with lesser hair growth, this is a reliable and effective cosmetic procedure that most people consider undergoing.

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