PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate: Does It Work for Hair Loss?


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma therapy has been in the news recently, owing to its success with patients who require treatment for hair loss. If you are on the fence about traditional treatments for hair loss, then advanced treatment like PRP can show a ray of hope. There can be several hurdles to finding the desired results with conventional treatment like hair transplant and consumption of pills.


Quite recently, doctors have started treating hair loss issues among patients with the use of platelet rich plasma. To carry it out successfully, the doctor usually obtains a certain volume of blood from the patient’s system and then spins it to separate the platelets from other component cells of the blood. The separated platelets are then injected back to the plasma section of the blood.

The underlying theory behind the treatment stems from the richness of platelets in specialised protein cells, which can aid in healing processes. The treatment methodology takes support in the idea that platelet rich blood can stimulate newer and fresher hair growth.

PRP hair growth treatment is gaining standardisation among medical professionals and the present scope of the treatment is envisioned with three treatment sessions. Results expected from this treatment can begin to show comprehensive progress within a span of three months. Complimentary sittings and treatment may be required in the subsequent months, depending on the individual case.

What is plasma and what are platelets?


Platelets are an essential component of the blood and have a significant role to play. They are common as the ‘first responders’ when a person endures a wound or a cut. They promote healing at the site of the wound and help to stop the ongoing bleeding.

The concept of using platelets for treating hair loss woes stems from this unique property that platelets exhibit. A concentrated dose of platelets can indeed help in repairing damaged sections of the body and accelerate the rate of healing.


The blood plasma, on the other hand, is the liquid component of the blood which holds typical cells of the blood in suspension. Up to 55% of the total volume of the blood is made up of plasma.

The efficiency of using platelets and plasma to administer a PRP treatment can be derived from the function that they play in the bloodstream.

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and what are PRP injections?

To produce a PRP successfully, a complete process is carried out by an expert medical professional. A blood sample is taken from the person on whom the therapy has to be administered. The sample obtained during the process is then allowed to separate into different components, one of which is platelets. This is done with the aid of a centrifuge machine which ideally spins at a rapid rate to give effect to the separation process.

These platelets are extracted using an injection, which is used for the treatment process. PRP consists of a large number of proteins and growth factor mediums in it. It is believed that due to its rich content of tissue repairing components, PRP can be successfully administered to select cases of hair loss. It is known that a certain type of hair loss results from damage to the hair follicles. Hence, the use of PRP to promote hair growth in these cases can be envisaged for reliable results. Since platelet rich plasma is also believed to increase the level of collagen and stem cells, the expected results from the treatment are quite promising.

This is how PRP has come to occupy a seat of preference among modern day hair loss treatments. When administered effectively, it can restore hair loss and also treat the hair follicles for better hair growth. It is possible to avail PRP treatment in Delhi under the supervision of highly experienced professionals and sophisticated treatment facilities.

To sum up the entire process:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient, who wishes to undergo the treatment.
  • The resultant blood sample made to spin at high speeds in a centrifuge machine.
  • As a result, plasma rich blood separates from the other blood cells.
  • The plasma rich blood is administered to the patient through an injection, typically at the areas of baldness on the scalp.

How do platelet-rich plasma injections work?

As the red blood cells separate out from the plasma and it is left with a rich constitution of platelets in it, the medical professional uses it to inject the scalp, down to the level of the hair follicles. The meticulous process involves injecting the scalp at a distance of every half inch, typically around an area of baldness. It will generally take around half an hour for the process to be completed efficiently.

Since this treatment is typical in nature, there are some essential factors which must be kept in mind while undergoing the same. This also ensures that the work of the PRP injections remain effective and work as expected.

Here are some facts which must be borne in mind:

  • Before the procedure, the hair must be shampooed and conditioned. A clean and germ free scalp is a convenient and sterile environment for the injections to work effectively.
  • Consumption of a healthy breakfast and water is essential to reduce the resulting fatigue, nausea or dizziness, which could result from the treatment.
  • As such, the injections should not cause any hurdle to your normal day to day activities.
  • Unless the site of the treatment is really irritated or pained, shampoo and conditioner can be used normally as usual as per the patient’s regular routine.

PRP injections do not pose any limitation to the routine activities of the patient and the slight discomfort resulting from them will easily abate in a matter of a few hours after the treatment.

What is the success rate of PRP treatment?

Consistency is the key to achieve great results when it comes to PRP treatment. Each sitting for the treatment is administered at a specific gap and is adjusted based on the response of the patient to the treatment. It is possible to observe results within the first two or three months of the treatment.

PRP is not to be seen as a standalone treatment method to overcome hair loss woes. When administered in conjunction with medicines and other topical treatments, it has shown to be successful among 70% patients, to whom it is administered. Given the economic PRP treatment cost in Delhi, one can definitely opt for this alternative and achieve excellent results in a time of few months.

Does It Really Work?

The findings from successful treatment of PRP was carried out by a team of researchers and subsequently published in a journal by the name of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Deciphered from the findings of the authors of this journal, it was found that the effective administration of the treatment provided a reduction in the rate of hair loss. Additionally, the results were also studied in terms of the density of hair growth and the diameter of the hair, which were found to improve significantly.

There is promising data to support the treatment methodology and the idea that it can promote hair growth among those suffering from baldness or severe hair loss problems. Although, PRP cannot treat the underlying cause or issue which might be the reason behind the hair loss. A dermatologist is a right person to consult for the procedure and seek an assessment for related side effects, which are minimal and can be easily treated with additional remedies.

The PRP treatment does not restrict the patient from undertaking normal activities, once it is administered completely. Here are a few factors which throw light on the effectiveness of the treatment for any patient:

  • Men and women, both can benefit from the treatment.
  • The treatment is especially effective for those who suffer from alopecia.
  • The treatment can be administered to a wide array of pupils, ranging between the ages of 18 to 72 years.
  • For people who suffer from stress related hair loss, this treatment has shown remarkable results.
  • In cases where an incidence of hair loss is recent, the treatment can be administered effectively and immediately for better success rates.
  • Since PRP aims to stimulate thick and strong hair growth among hair follicles which continue to function normally, those with an experience of thinning hair or baldness can also benefit from the treatment.

You can avail a comprehensive PRP treatment in Delhi for the most assured results from experts who have handled multiple cases and delivered reliable results.


If you are planning to avail PRP treatment in Delhi, it is best to get a consultation from an experienced professional beforehand. Although the PRP treatment cost in Delhi is not exceptionally high, it is important to bear in mind that it consumes a significant time to show impactful results. So, it is a good idea to obtain suggestions from an experienced person about the suitability of the treatment in your case.

The treatment offers a promising scope for those who have been turned down for alternative treatments options or have succumbed with dissatisfaction on the results of those. In an era where scalp hair is seen as an element of a confident personality, there is no reason why you should stay behind to have the same by your side. Walk in for a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your hair and scalp today for a promising journey to better hair tomorrow.

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