PRP for Hair Loss- Can it reverse baldness without surgery?

Hair loss is a household concern for both men and women in today’s time and age and can have a profound impact on your self-confidence and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections may be the solution for you. PRP for hair loss treatment is a three-step process that uses the platelet-rich plasma found in your blood to promote natural hair growth in the scalp. It has been used for years for muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries 

It is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day. For the most part, we hardly notice this as new hairs are replaced at a faster rate. The loss becomes evident only when the rate of hair loss is more than the replenished hairs on a regular basis. PRP injection for hair loss is a new treatment modality that may help you get your hair back.

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  1. What is PRP therapy?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Can PRP therapy reverse baldness without Surgery?
  4. Possible side effects of PRP.
  5. Cost of PRP Treatment in Delhi


1. What is PRP therapy?

PRP injection for hair loss stands for platelet rich plasma that uses the plasma of your own blood to regrow hair naturally. Inorder to understand PRP for hair loss and its procedure, let’s go back a bit and understand how hair grows.Each of us are born with about 5 million hair follicles out of which 1,00,000 are found on the scalp. 

Hair goes through three phases-

  •  dormant phase
  • fast growth phase
  • shedding phase. 

When old hairs get ready to fall, they detach from the follicle and fall down. Hair follicles need nutrition to live. PRP therapy boosts the nutrition of these follicles. PRP for hair loss strengthens the follicles and encourages them to regrow well.


PRP vs Hair Transplant

2. How does it work?

The plasma injected during the procedure heals the scalp around the follicles. Plasma is rich in growth factors that are natural substances found in the body to promote healing and regrowth. PRP injection for hair loss has been found to 

❖ Boost hair growth 

❖ Prevent thinning and hair loss 

❖ Non-surgical, easy, safe and effective 

❖ Minimal recovery time 

❖ Suitable for both men and women

The PRP for hair loss procedure is relatively very simple and involves a 3-step process that starts by taking a blood sample from the patient, processing it, and then injecting it back into the scalp. The PRP for hair loss cost process takes about an hour for a single session. For this, 

  • A blood sample drawn from the arm, and PRP is separated using a centrifuge that spins
  • After about 10-15 minutes, PRP forms a layer 
  • The PRP is injected into the affected area of the scalp. 

While you can expect a PRP treatment for hair loss to take upto an hour, most of it includes preparation. The injections as such commonly take 5-15 minutes depending on the treatment area. These sessions may need to be repeated on your scalp for upkeep after a minimum of three months. There is very little recovery time needed. After a PRP treatment session, you can try resuming your work or regular daily activities post 12 hours. You may also take a shower and/or shampooing 1 day after the session

3. Can PRP for hair loss reverse baldness without surgery?

If you are wondering if PRP for hair loss is a “one shot permanent solution for hair loss”, the answer is no. Though PRP can be used for any type of hair loss, the most common conditions include male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and alopecia areata (sudden hair loss with

overlapping bald patches). That being said, the efficiency of your treatment will depend upon the cause of the hair loss and how long the hair has been gone from the area. Multiple sessions after about three to six months may be needed depending on the cause of your hair loss and the scalp’s response to the session. But that is also true of other medications that are commonly prescribed to treat hair loss. How often you need PRP will be based on the doctor’s recommendations. Research suggests PRP treatments can yield noticeable results in as little as two months. 

In 2019, PRP was researched as a treatment for hair loss and was published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It was found that PRP injections reduced hair loss, increased the diameter of hairs and the density of hair growth. A 2019 study carried out among eligible people, showed that those with conditions such as androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata benefited the most. The International Journal of Women’s Dermatology considers PRP to be a “promising” treatment for hair loss, based on their findings.


How long does it last?

The results of a good PRP treatment for hair loss last for around 1-3 years. After the initial treatment, you must follow it up with future sessions based on the doctor’s recommendations.

4. Possible side effects of PRP treatment for hair loss

There are no major side effects for PRP treatment cost in delhi and that is one of the reasons for PRP treatment for hair loss to gain popularity. Patients might experience very minimal pain, a tight feeling in the scalp, and redness when the injections are being delivered, but these go away within a short period of time. 

At Desmoderm, you will get the best treatment and pre-post surgery care, so that you could feel comfortable throughout the session.

5. Cost of PRP treatment for hair loss in Delhi

On an average, a single PRP hair treatment cost in Delhi may cost anywhere between 8000 INR to 12000 INR. The cost of PRP for hair loss treatment depends on several factors, including the following: 

· Experience of dermatologist or reputation of the clinic 

· Quality of equipment used for the procedure 

· Number of sessions required. 

· The area being treated and your condition 

· Insurance coverage

Take Away

At Desmoderm, you will get the best treatment and pre-post surgery care. So if you are a right candidate for PRP and willing to get the treatment, then this is the best place to be.

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