Things To Consider While Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair Transplant Surgeon

In the last few years, the world of hair transplantation has seen significant advancements. Today, hair transplant surgeons use techniques and procedures such as semi-automated graft implantation, suction-assisted follicular extraction, and robotic-assisted surgery to restore hairline.

However, these technological advancements have a minimal impact on enhancing hair transplant surgeries, as the primary contributor to every surgery is the surgeon. Since all surgical instruments are user-dependent, it is essential that you choose a hair transplant surgeon with due care and diligence as poorly trained and unskilled surgeons may cause permanent and significant disfigurement.

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  1. Experience of the hair transplant Surgeon
  2. Qualification and Expertise in the field
  3. Other Facilities provided by the clinic
  4. Cost and Success rates of hair transplant
  5. Patient reviews and testimonials
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Experience of the Hair Transplant Surgeon

While selecting the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, you should always emphasize experience as hair restoration is a complex procedure that can be mastered only after practicing surgeries again and again. You should never hesitate to ask for proof of expertise and work to know the exact number of years the surgeon has exclusively dedicated to hair transplantation and hair transplant methods rehearsed by the hair transplant surgeon. Remember, choosing a hair transplant surgeon can be overwhelming, but you can handle it with research.

Qualification and Expertise in the field

Hair restoration surgery may be a minimally-invasive procedure, but it still requires a lot of experience and skills. The surgeon must have rich experience, education, skills, and innovation as you surely don’t want to place your head into the hands of a surgeon who does not have advanced surgical skills. It would help if you never got deceived by deceptive advertisements full of tall claims but not substantiated by facts.

It would be best if you made it a point to learn more about the credentials, board certifications, degrees, experience, and training of the surgeon in hair restoration. By doing this, you will always ensure that you select a reputed and experienced surgeon who has medical board oversight, can handle challenging and unexpected medical problems, and follow high patient safety standards.

Safety taken by Surgeon

Other Facilities provided by the clinic

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a hair transplant surgeon is the quality of infrastructure, equipment, and technologies available at the clinic. It is essential for you to closely examine the operation theater and medical facilities to ensure the hair restoration clinic follows international standards and can handle all kinds of emergencies.

During today’s challenging times impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to ensure that the clinic observes the highest standards of patient safety and social distancing. The clinic must have strict staff and visitor policies to ensure everyone is wearing a medical mask or face cover to prevent COVID-19 transmission from pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals. Moreover, the clinic must be regularly sanitized to follow the strict principles of infection prevention and control.

Cost and Success rates of hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is a complex and specialized procedure. While the significant majority of hair restoration clinics offer no-obligation, free in-person or online consultation to win new clients, you should not be dissuaded to have a word with a hair transplant surgeon who charges a reasonable consultation or treatment fee.

It is important to note that the experience and skills of the surgeon play a crucial role in the success of any surgical procedure, and hair transplant surgery is no exception. In short, you should never settle down for lesser qualified surgeons to save money.

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Patient reviews and testimonials

You need to check the before and after pictures of patients already treated by the hair transplant surgeon. For this, you can check unbiased reviews on social media platforms or other websites. Learning more about the surgeon’s experiences and feedback and the treatment procedures from previous patients of the surgeon can help you gain invaluable insights into how patients are treated at the surgeon’s medical facility.

You must also read reviews about the surgeon’s support team as a state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery requires a collective effort.

Due to the team effort, thousands of grafts can be placed in a single day. Therefore, you must read reviews about the surgeon, the support staff, and the hair restoration clinic.


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